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George Soros raises donation to anti-Brexit Best for Britain group

George Soros has moved to defy his critics over his £400,000 donation to the pro-EU campaign group Best for Britain by pledging an additional £100,000 to support efforts to fight Brexit.

The billionaire investor’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) is set to match a crowdfunding campaign set up in the wake of attacks on Soros, which has already raised more than £50,000 since his support was revealed on Wednesday last week.

George Soros ‘proud’ of donating £400,000 to anti-Brexit campaign

The Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros has said he is proud to have given £400,000 to an anti-Brexit campaign, saying it was his affection for the UK that prompted his decision.

Soros, a former refugee from communist Hungary who made $1bn (£720m) as a currency speculator betting against sterling on Black Wednesday, said leaving the EU was a tragic mistake which would weaken Britain.

The investor has come under sustained attack since details of his donations to Best for Britain were revealed last week.

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